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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Picture Frame Window

I am in LOVE with these window picture frames hanging in my dining room :]  They are so easy to make its crazy. First of all, these windows are from my parents house, which just so happens to be the house I was born in and grew up in my whole life :} So they are actually very special to have. I decided I liked the look of one big black and white picture versus a bunch of small pictures in each panel. But you could definitely do it that way :] I have to say though, I can almost 100% guarantee that this way is way cheaper. These are called engineer or sometimes called architect prints. You order them from Office max in a custom size to fit in your window and they are printed in black and white on paper. {not photo paper} The total cost for all three pictures was 6.20 I told you it was super cheap. Of course my windows were free so that made this project really inexpensive. 

Here they are close up 

 This is how they came from office max and I just had to trim them up a little and then tapped them to the back.
That's it :] Now you just hang them back up on your wall 

So easy to create this look :] 

Live, Laugh and Love, 


  1. This is really cool! Thank you so much, I for sure gonna give this a try :-)

  2. This is so cool! Found your blog by accident looking for a recipe I lost for my homemade laundry detergent but im loving all the little projects and ideas im finding!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful information.