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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Washer/Dryer Pedestal

I'm sure tons of you have a front load washer and dryer or you may get one in the future. And trust me when I say you will want it raised! But if you are like me, you look at those drawers they sell ($200 a piece) and thank there is no way you want to pay that just to get some height. And you can't even have your laundry soap stand upright in the whats the point of having them?? Also, if you are like me then you want to be useful of the space. Since we are in a two story home I love being able to have my laundry baskets right there to be used. I can bring down the dirty and take up the clean, without a ton of laundry baskets under our feet all day while doing laundry. So basically this is a washer/dryer pedestal made of wood to bring your front load laundry system to a back-friendly height. You may need to tweak your measurements to make sure it will fit in the space you have available for your washer and dryer.



Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
One of the best parts of DIY is that you can get exactly what you want, fit to your space. The dimensions above are designed to fit a standard laundry basket. Note that standard washer and dryer pedestals are approximately 13″ tall – so this one is a tad taller. If you have the space and are concerned about the laundry system wobbling off, just make the platform larger. Built to suit the needs of your space and your requirements.

Materials and Tools

Shopping List: 
2 – sheet of 3/4″ MDF or Plywood
5 – 2×4 @ 8 feet long
1 – 4×4 post @ 4 feet long (you can also use 2x4s laminated together – just add another 2×4 to your list)
1 – stick of base cap moulding like this @ 6 feet long
4 – Angle Brackets like these
3″ screws
2″ Screws
Finish Nails
Wood Filler
measuring tape
safety glasses
hearing protection
circular saw
compound miter saw
nail gun
countersink drill bit

Cut List

Cut List: 
10 – 2×4 @ 25″ (Joists)
4 – 2×4 @ 60″ (Sides of Floor)
2 – 3/4″ Plywood or MDF @ 28″ x 60″ (Decking)
4 – 4×4 Posts (or 8 2x4s) @ 11″ (Posts)
  molding cut to fit

Step 1

Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
You are basically going to build two mini floors for this project. The top floor need to be built as shown above. The bottom floor you can skip the center joists – unless you plan on storing gold in those laundry baskets. Use glue and 3″ screws. I do apologize for making the joists 25″ long instead of 24″ (would have conserved more lumber) but this length is necessary for the application. 2x4s are cheap too.

Step 2

Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
Every floor needs decking, so screw the plywood to the top of the 2x4s.

Step 3

Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
Corner Angles

Step 4

Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
Attach Legs
Attach the legs to the top (the floor with the most supports) and screw down.

Step 5

Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
Bottom Floor
Now the bottom floor will be much easier to attach. Just screw down (and glue).

Step 6

Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
I’m not going to give measurements here because the trim needs to match the legs exactly. You will need to miter the trim around the legs. Attach with glue and finish nails.

Paint your desired color. (we used left over paint form having our new home painted) Free paint is the best paint!
Now this may seem complicated but it really isn't. It was actually so easy I was thinking about making them to sell! But thought there probably wouldn't be enough people in my area interested. If this was something small enough to ship I might have a new business! lol

  I hope y'all can find this useful and I have to say after 2 months in our home now I couldn't imagine not having them!

Here is a picture of our new home! The top being a picture when we purchased it. The bottom, after a ton of yard work..... thanks to my sister, mom, dad and husbands help! :) A new home is a work in progress, there is always something you want changed or added. This laundry pedestal was one of the first home projects we finished and we look forward to many more! :)

Live, Laugh & Love,


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