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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Paxtons Nursery Tiki Hut / Surfer Dude

We made the tiki hut and skirt and painted the crib :}

We just love how it all turned out

This was my husbands toy chest as a child. It had a circus print on it. Justin was able to remove it and paint "surfs up" on it for Paxton :}

Zoey looking in on her 10 day old baby brother

Lucky little guy has an awesome daddy who hand cut and stained this surfboard for him
The message Justin left for his son on the back of the surfboard he made him :} So sweet

My momma (Paxtons Granny) made these awesome pillows for his tiki hut


  1. Very innovative thinking as tiki hut design on baby crib as this is very exclusive design and looks awesome.

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  3. Just wondering does this cot pass Australian Standards I am studying and would love to use your cot but I need to know if it does pass...

  4. Hi there. .would your husband consider doing a commission surf board for our son Dax's room? If so could you get in touch with me?

  5. was wondering what brand crib you used for the tiki hut?

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  7. Hi friends, this is one of the best family tradition and culture inspired nursery rooms i have seen .And the hand made decor is fantastic! Im writing and creating hand drawings and writing a home design guide book, as I'm an Architect. I hope you accept my email, I have sent to subscribe, and would like to obtain permission to creat hand drawings for my new book inspired by your blog and photo (of crib). I of course promise to give full credit. please respond to charles schwab architect email if we may discuss this further.. Fantastic awesome design work by both Mom and Dad, Congratulations!! I think this can serve as inspiration to parents everywhere when they think of crafting their own spaces as is the intent of the upcoming book. Best,CharlesSchwab Architect PS, Im guessing the crib brand was renovators supply round crib?