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Friday, November 1, 2013

Toddler Meal & Snack Ideas

I know most of us struggle with the daily (3-6 times a day) battle of getting our little ones to eat and to eat mostly healthy options! My 20 month old LOVES to eat. If she isn't eating she is asking to eat! So I have had to find and come up with tons of different snack and meal ideas to satisfy her needs! :) She will let me know when she does not agree with something given. But I have to say if I keep giving it to her she will usually warm up to it! She has recently decided to actually try a few new things! And we all know, NOTHING makes us happier than when our child tries a new food.... and likes it! :) This will be a continuing blog, I will be adding pictures as the days go by! I will start with her meals from just the last few days! If you have any questions about any of the meals or what brand or how it is prepared please do not hesitate to ask! :) I do not always buy organic or 100% real food, but I do TRY MY BEST and that is all we can do! :)

 Breakfast ~ Scrambled (organic, free range, brown) eggs, mixed fruit, Organic Stoneyfield yogurt

Lunch ~ Annie's Organic Mac and Cheese with added cauliflower (add raw florets when pasta is half way done cooking) Organic peas with butter, Frozen Blueberries 

Lunch ~ Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sushi and avocado (this is one piece of bread rolled up and sliced, now she eats two, which equals a whole sandwich) 

Snack ~ Frozen organic Peas!!!! Her favorite go to snack! Great for teething toddlers!

Snack~ Veggie "tray"  She mostly ate the carrots, cucumbers and cheese :) Dipped in sour cream with Hidden valley ranch packet mixed it! ~ Because there is no other veggie dip that's better :)

Dinner~ Grilled Chicken cooked in coconut oil, Veggie dip on side, Organic peas with butter, seedless Grapes, Jack cheese chunks!

 Lunch~ 2 Turkey Dogs, Sweet potato chips, Apple sauce, Gouda cheese chunks
 The only "hot dogs" Zoey eats ^
 A special "chip" treat every once in a while

 Snack~ Whole fat Cream cheese on Wheat Ritz Crackers
Sometimes I add raisins on top for fun!

Snack~ Her favorite snack in raisins

Dessert~ Zoey loves these as a special treat! Greek yogurt that taste like vanilla ice cream :)

Breakfast~ A fried egg in coconut oil, grapes, and a Greek yogurt

Dinner~ Roasted chicken chunks, Cabbage and potato, Spinach and cheese quesadilla, diced peaches

Lunch~ 2 Turkey Dogs, Organic Peas in butter, sweet potato chips with sour cream ranch dip, Mozzarella cheese

 Dinner~ NACHOS! Covered in cheese,  Homamade Refried beans, Grilled seasoned chicken, and sour cream!
^^ She loved them! :)

Dinner~ Grilled chicken in coconut oil, organic peas in butter, Caesar salad with Parm cheese, bow tie noodles in Caesar dressing. (we had a blackened chicken, bow tie Caesar salad, this was her version)

Snack/Dessert ~ Zoey loved to have these as a snack We also freeze them for a dessert and they are great frozen for teething babes

 Snack ~ Zoey Loves roasted chicken. I make a honey mustard with mayo, Mustard and honey :] She loves this protein packed snack

Breakfast ~ This girl LOVES pancakes. Also scrambled eggs and a sausage

 Dinner ~ Rasted chicken, Cheese and spinach quesadilla, and steamed organic peas

Dinner~ Steamed organic brocolli with butter, Veggie pasta with Alfredo and peas

Lunch~  Turkey dog, celery and peanut butter, Crackers and cream cheese and grapes :] Super simple

Breakfast~ This has been her breakfast for days. Her egg is either scrambled or over easy. Yogurt she loves to put granola in now. below is the granola she is obsessed with

More to come soon!

Live, Laugh & Love,
~With Lana


  1. hi lana, i love your blog(s)! i'm an old-ster and my kids are grown in their mid/late 20s now. here comes the old-ster part... back in my day we were told to cut our 'dogs' in half length wise and then chop them up for toddlers because pediatricians were seeing a fair number of choking cases when the 'dog's were chopped into the round disc form. this was meant to be FYI only and in no way intended as a criticism. you are doing beautifully with your family. all the best! kym still

  2. Hie Lana am learning a lot from your blog. Am preg and this has made it soo easy for me to plan for my baby food. Thanks a lot and God bless

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