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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Kombucha Kandy

I chopped up my SCOBY into bite sized pieces using a very sharp knife (they can be tough to cut so I used a pizza cutter!)

 Then I mixed the kombucha pieces with some sugar and frozen blueberries

 Next, I put the kombucha scoby pieces, blueberries and sugar on the stove and simmered them for about 10 minutes. The will even pop at you a little :]

 Then, I put each kombucha piece out to dry on a piece of wax paper.

 They taste like a sweet and sour candy! If I didn’t know it was a Kombucha SCOBY, I think the texture might be a bit more appealing. My dughter LOVED them. I gave her one and she said " thats good mommy" then I bagged them up and put them in the fridge and she came back and asked where her gummies went. So I gave her a few to take with her to play!


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