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Friday, December 20, 2013

Chicken salad

My mom started making this within the last few years. But seeing that I lived all the way in FL I had never tried it. Until I moved back to VA and lived with my parents while my husband and I were looking for our house to buy. My mom and I were seriously eating this daily for a few weeks lol I know this is probably a typical chicken salad. But I always thought I wasn't going to be a fan of a "sweet" chicken salad. I have always loved my savory Chicken salad. But after trying this I fell in love ;] So I would definitely say to try it if you have never had a chicken salad this way before. I love that it is so different than my usual chicken salad ;} So here are the few ingredients needed

Grapes cut in half 

Sliced Almonds 

Roasted chicken


Salt and Pepper

Add ingredients together and mix. Use whatever amounts you prefer, there is no science behind it ;]
Viola that's it....

Now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hawaiian bread, so I have mine on a Hawaiian roll if available. My mom prefers hers plain, just eats it with a fork. It is also really good on crackers ;]

Y'all Enjoy

Live, Laugh and Love,


  1. Try it with miracle whip instead of mayo and add some celery for crunch. Yum!

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