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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amazing Chicken Salad

So this chicken salad is really just something I wing every time I make it! I have just perfected it to my husbands taste over the years and he loves it made the same way every time!! EVERY single time he eats it he says "man, this is so good you could sell it"  :)  I don't have an exact recipe but I will just have to make something up for all of you who are asking! Chicken salad can really be made so many different ways. But who doesn't love a good chicken salad? Now my chicken salad will not be that plain standard chicken and mayonnaise salad you might be use to! I love flavor and spice! And pickles, cant forget the pickles! not relish, PICKLES! lol P.S. These are my favorite pickles ever, they are found in the refrigerated section! SO here is the basic Ingredients:

3 cups Chopped up roasted chicken

1/2 cup Mayonnaise

1/4 cup yellow mustard (hubby loves the mustard) :)

1/4 cup chopped Pickles (momma loves the pickles)

1T Lemon Pepper seasoning 

6 cranks of pepper from the mill

A pinch of salt

a splash of lemon juice 

Cayenne pepper (this is all on preference) 

 OK I'm not going to lie, most of that is a rough estimate. Please add as much or as little as your taste desires. Taste as you go, that's how I always cook! Especially when you aren't following a recipe. These are the basic ingredients I use, but customize it to your taste! And ENJOY! We love ours on potato bread, honey wheat bread or just as a snack on top of crackers. I also enjoy mine wrapped in a Boston lettuce leaf!

(this is tuna salad^^, but I wanted you to see what I mean by a Boston lettuce wrap) :)

On potato bread :) With Cayenne sprinkled on top! :) 

Live, Laugh & Love,


  1. This sounds so yummy!! I've just started to eat chicken salad so I will have to try this recipe :) those are my favorite pickles too! I refuse to buy anything else haha.

  2. Thanks, Jenny!! It is really yummy! Yes, they are the best pickles!! Weather I'm buying slices, halves or chips they are always this brand! I just recently tried the HOT kind and they are really spicy! Thanks for following! :)