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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HE Compatible Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent

Have you ever made your own laundry detergent? Of course not, right? Who would do such a crazy thing?! lol When I first discovered this idea I thought oh yeah right, there is no way this will actually clean my clothes. If this was possible how was this the first I am hearing of it? Well, after much much research I decided on a recipe that was easy and had good reviews by tons of awesome moms! How could I go wrong? So I went out to find the ingredients I needed. Believe it or not they have all been right there in front of me as I have been spending hundreds of dollars picking out expensive chemical based product to wash my innocent families clothes for years!!!! Right there in the same damn isle! Yeah, blows my mind too! So I bought the three items needed....yes, that's it, three ingredients!

1 Box of Mule Team Borax     $4.29
1 Box Super Washing Soda (NOT Baking Soda)  $2.99 or less
14 oz. Bar Zote Soap    $1.00
5 Gallon Bucket with a Lid   $2- $12.50 depends on where you go and what you choose. You can get a pickle bucket from firehouse subs for $2 :) You're Welcome
Tap Water
Pot that can hold at least 6 cups
Soap dispensing containers ( Save the containers from your store bought laundry soap, rinse them well and recycle them for your own soap. If you don’t have any left over containers, try asking friends or family if they have an extra to spare. promising a soap sample can be a good motivator.)

Grate your pink bar of Zote Soap.
 Put 4 cups of tap water into your pot and set your stove to medium heat. Pour your Zote shavings into your pot 

Stir frequently until all soap is melted and turned into liquid. A few chucks are okay, don't wear your self out!  This whole step will take you about 5-8 minutes.

While your soap is cooking down, fill your 5 gallon bucket 3/4 of the way full with tap water. Water temperature is not important.
In the bucket add:
1/2 C. Super Washing Soda
1C. Borax
Stir together briefly.
Then add:
The soap in your pot
Essential Oils
Essential oils are usually added 10-15 drops per every 2 gallons.Careful to pick a scent that you enjoy as it will be with you for as many months as it takes you to use 10 gallons of soap. I prefer no smell or a clean scent so I skip essential oils all together.
Add more water to your bucket until your about 2 inches from the top or until you feel it’s as full as it can be for you to comfortably stir it without having to then mop the floors too. 

Here is the hard part......ready?

Put your lid securely on your bucket and let it sit overnight or for about 12 hours.
Give your soap a good mix the next day before you pour your soap into soap dispensing containers. It will appear as a thick gel before you stir. I then moved my soap to the container I have pictured at the top. Just because I like the lid better and because when I made my batch in the five gallon bucket I did not have a lid for it. Then Using a funnel, fill the soap dispensing container of your choice 1/2 way full of your homemade soap. Do not worry, it will be a little lumpy. Fill your dispensing container the rest of the way with tap water. Use the same amount as you would of the store bought.
You’ve just made 10 gallons of HE laundry soap!
Simple Right? That wasn’t so hard. Only took less than 15 minutes of your time, costs the same amount to make 10 gallons as it does to buy the small jug of your name brand but that small amount of money lasts for MONTHS this way. I also pair it with my Fabric softener that has vinegar and really helps with removing smells!

I have been using my batch of soap for over a month now and still love it! I also pair it with a homemade fabric softener made with vinegar (witch taste stinky smells out) I will post my fabric softener soon! 

Hope y'all love it as much as I do!

Live, laugh & love


  1. Hey good for you. I have made this version before. I like my new version better. I use the Dr.Bonners liquid soap rather than grade soap. I love the almond hemp scent. Whole Foods has the best price any place on dr.bonners soap. I also whip mine in a blender to make it a froth. I make hand pump soap, laundry soap, Toilet cleaner & tub cleaner using dr.bonner liquid.

  2. I have been making our laundry soap for the last 10 years. I have used every recipe out there. This liquid recipe is my second favorite and I used it for many years. I however love the powdered version better. Its less messy. I will never use the dr. bronners recipes ever again. After a few months the residue was horrible. It took three super hot washes of straight vinegar to get it off my washer. I also have had my HE for the same amount of years. The bronners recipe is the only one we had trouble with.

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  4. How much detergent do you add per load?