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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homemade Baby Wipes

Homemade Baby Wipes

Hey Guys! So, I started making my own baby wipes the day I brought Zoey home and I have to say it has probably saved me hundreds! It is the most simple and quick process that will save you a ton of $$ You only need a few things to get started and you most likely already have most on hand! 
Things you need:
* Vivo paper towels (cut in half) 
* Coconut oil   1 tbsp
* Baby lotion   1 tbsp
* Baby bath wash  1 tbsp
* An old container or Tupperware for storage 
* Tap water

•Microwave two cups of water for two minutes. Then whisk in one tablespoon coconut oil, one Tablespoon of baby lotion and 1 tablespoon of baby body wash.

Make sure you only use Vivo papers towels that are cut in half with a big sharp kitchen knife!

•Then pour over cut paper towels inside a wide bowl
 •Pull out cardboard center

•Then squeeze the sides in and roll it around to get all the liquid.

 •Then slide in container (I used an old antibacterial wipe container a friend gave me)

 •Then pull the middle paper towel through the center like wipes

 •And then through the lid!

Another container I decorated! ^^

TA DA!!! Its that easy! 

They are safe and chemical free! (as long as your baby soap and lotion are chemical free) 

I have decorated my container to look super cute! Feel free to customize your container or even customize the smell with different lotions and body wash to get a different smell each time!  

I hope you all find this as easy as I do and will begin your wipe making adventure and start saving $$ 

Live. laugh & love,

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