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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hair "Bow"

So I have rocked this hair style many times.....

AND now I will show you how to achieve this super easy but SO cute hair "bow"
It is the best "in a hurry, but look like you put effort in your hair" hair style there is! Better than my bun, and you all know I'm in love with my big bun :)

First wrap you holder around until you have one wrap left. flip the hair forward when you go to wrap it but don't pull it all the way through. 
Only pull a few inches leaving the rest hanging down in front
It will look like this from the side
Then, you will split it down the center to make each side of the Bow
Now grab all that hair hanging in the front and pull it over the center of the bow you created
Like this...
TA DA! You have an adorable bow on your head!
Take the hair you pulled over and bobby pin it up near the back of bow! 

I prefer a messy look most of the time! But you can make it a slicker look if you are going out on the town or to a nice dinner. 
How cute is that? And so simple! Now run to the closest mirror and try it out! 

Live, Laugh & Love,

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